MSS 99 @Temný ost block

MSS 99 (Modulárny svetelný syntetizátor 99) (Modular light synthesizer 99) is a bespoke site-specific flexible modular light installation made for unique café/bar/concert spot – Temný ost block (Dark ost block) in the premises of modernist building of former shopping centre PRIOR designed by the architect Matušík situated in the heart of Bratislava. Owners of this non-traditional bar have felt that the addition of second room – a dance floor/cafe spot needed a signature art piece to signify new era of their love brand existence. We’ve created this modular LED neon light installation with this place’s aura in mind and also paid homage to the former ost block and their neon signs.

The installation consists of 99 sockets with recessed holes to keep in place any of the discrete flexible LED neon tubes. LED neon tubes in two sizes forces the user to always use them with the design rules in mind, thus creating a consistent visual experience. Light are wirelessly connected, interactive and sound-reactive. They can be used independently as mood lights or with professional light-design setup to go with the concerts.

client ] ost block [
location ] Temný ost block, Kamenné námestie 1, Bratislava [
date ] 09/2023 [

temný kvíz @temný ost block
temný kvíz @temný ost block
MSS99 @temný ost block