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  • čerstvé ovocie

    čerstvé ovocie is a group of creative people connecting creative people, local architecture and design, community works, creating inter-professional, cultural and educational activities. their mission can be represented by keywords like popularization, education and collaboration. our collaboration started at URBAN MARKET events, a sales exhibitions full of local designers, local food and talks with interesting…

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  • Kolabo lines

    we’ve developed these elegant modular controllable exhibition system and concert lighting with Kolabo 2021 exhibition in mind. a need for accurate light and interactive control during immersive concert experience brought us a idea of these visible-invisible lights.

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  • kolabo 2021

    a spatially mapped site-specific reactive light installation composed of five Os -wired and wireless addressable LED circles (formerly OOOOOOOOOO) as a collaborative concert with slovak band Purist for gala evening with revealing of the Kolabo 2021 collaborative design competition at the MDPOH fallout shelter. together with Kolabo lines, custom designed exhibition and concert lighting system…

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  • Radio_FM & Urban Market Hangar ][ Grape Festival 2019